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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

May 5, 2022

Hosting, SSL, C.M.S.....what does it all mean? These are some of the most common terms you'll hear when you're building or redesigning your website. 

On today's episode, I'm going to break down and simplify 7 essential website terms you need to know so you can feel confident and knowledgeable for when it's to design (or...

Dec 29, 2021

Davyd Kucherskyy is an online marketer that specializes in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and helps businesses grow their revenue through Google Ads, SEO, and web development, & analytics. On today’s episode Davyd shares his experience on how business owners can use Google Ads to drive leads and visibility to their...

Oct 21, 2021

I used to think I was doing something wrong in my business. Everyday I'd wake up feeling like maybe I just wasn't cut out for this. I would create these videos, produce one of these podcast episodes but it would take me HOURS. Until one day I heard this phrase - Discomfort is the Currency to Your Success - and...

Jun 16, 2021

Nisha Kunder is a Yoga & Wellness coach that customizes mindfulness practices for high performers so they can lead with more energy, patience, and compassion for everything and everyone both at home and at work.

She is also the creator of The Art of Relaxation online course where she teaches the ancient

yogic relaxation...

Apr 1, 2021

Today we're diving into the top 5 marketing myths I hear from my clients which is holding you back from your business growth. I think once you hear why these are myths and false beliefs it's going to give you some real clarity and help you take your business to that next level.


Myth 1: Marketing is advertising
Myth 2:...