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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Today, I’m going to share with you a content marketing strategy that I use both for myself and my clients that has helped me to consistently produce new social media, videos, or blogs that I know my and their audience wants to consume. It’s very simple, in theory, but it’s something we have to take action on because when you use this strategy in action you’re going to quickly realize that the execution may not be as simple as you originally thought.


However, this strategy is definitely worth implementing in your business because it’s going to help you structure your content better, eliminate the daily struggle of figuring out what you should create, and ensure what you’re posting is content that your audience actually desires.


I’m talking about using Content Buckets. So, let’s start at the very beginning by looking at what a Content Bucket is and what it is not and then I’m going to paint a picture of how you begin to attract new, qualified leads when you use Content Buckets in your marketing.