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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

Today, I’m going to teach you a sales strategy that’s going to help you grow the number of your leads through your online marketing efforts in a way that’s not pushy or salesy sounding. In a way where your audience just feels like your offering is an obvious solution to their problem.


This strategy is applicable to your Instagram Stories, your feed posts, live-streams, pre-recorded videos, blog, pretty much anytime you’re communicating online. And it’s even applicable when you’re communicating off-line, when you’re speaking directly with your clients. So, this topic is pretty much for everyone listening. And if you implement this, the right way, into your online marketing strategy I guarantee overtime you’ll acquire more leads. I rarely use that word, “guarantee” but this strategy dates all the way back to the 1950s and has been effective since then.


In fact, it’s a foundational technique in marketing communications. A lot of people think marketing is this sort of haphazard process where we just are constantly throwing something to the wall and seeing what sticks, but that isn’t true. There are some foundational strategies and concepts based on psychology and science that have been proven to be effective over decades. And this is one of them.