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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

About This Episode:

“So, what do you do”? It’s one of the first questions we’re typically asked when we meet someone new, and yet it’s not easy to express that answer in our marketing.

For some of us the answer tends to be on default - I'm a nurse injector, I'm a doctor, I'm a lawyer I’m an engineer, etc.

But when we say that in our marketing, it’s not enough. Because it doesn’t tell people how you’re different than your competition & why they should do business with you.

So on this week’s episode of the Online Marketing & Media Podcast, I’m going to introduce a concept that’s going to set yourself apart from your completion so it is crystal clear in your marketing what it is that you do.

It’s called your “Origin Story”. On today's episode, I’m going to explain:

✔️ What an Origin Story is.
✔️ Why it’s one of the most valuable assets in your marketing toolbox,
✔️ And give you an example of my Origin Story so you can hear what an Origin Story sounds like.

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