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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

'Mirror, mirror on the wall what does 2021 bring for us all?' 😄

Aside from having a fresh, new start to the year one of the reasons I love the New Year is because it gives us a moment to look back and reflect on what’s worked in our marketing.

And it simultaneously, gives us a moment to look into the future. To think about the trends of what’s to come in your 2021 marketing.

Which is why on today’s episode of the Online Marketing & Media Podcast we’re talking about 4 trends that I believe are going to shape our business in 2021.

✅ We’ll explore how an almost 100-year old trend marketing is still relevant today.
✅ The rise of short-format video content.
✅ How a new vertical on Instagram could be a golden opportunity in 2021, and
✅ Why your prospects are craving a more human element in your marketing today.