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Online Marketing And Media Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Have you ever had an experience where you had an image in your mind of what something costs and the experience of that brand only to discover the exact opposite?


Maybe it was at a hotel or restaurant you visited in the past or an experience with a service provider you hired.


I refer to this as a “Perception Gap”; when there’s a perceived gap between what you envision from a brand vs. what’s delivered.


In my experience, I’ve found these gaps tend to originate from the words we’re using in our marketing. That could include the words on your website, in your social media captions, or even in the videos you’re creating.


On today’s episode of the podcast I’m going to explain what Perception Gaps are and how you can avoid creating them in your marketing. You’ll hear an example of how I accidentally created a Perception Gap when I was first starting my business. And you’ll learn a simple exercise on how you can verbalize what sets you apart from your competition in your marketing.